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Psychologists are unique in professional assessment competency whether the focus is on personality, intelligence, leadership, emotional, or behavioral characteristics; on the adult, child, family, or organizational group.

Formal psychological assessment can save the client thousands of dollars, reduce anxiety, shorten time lines, clarify goals, and enhance success rates.


Testing can imply something like a pop quiz where you just take a test and get a number. But psychological assessment is a complex process integrating data points from various instruments and approaches to build a more comprehensive understanding...not an educated opinion or single perspective.

And while psychological assessments can require considerable interpretation, researchers have found that they are just as valid as compared to medical tests like MRI , pap test, or EKG in predicting outcomes.1

A Doctor of Clinical Psychology brings their client a minimum of a 500 hour practicum specifically in conducting cognitive, affective, behavioral, and personality assessments; 2,000 hours doctoral internship, and 2,000-4,000 hours post-doctoral residency.

1American Psychologist
(Vol. 56, No. 2, pages 128�165)

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Effective treatment benefits start with the essential first step: validity of diagnosis. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV TR ), the official encyclopedia of mental health professionals published by the American Psychiatric Association, describes and quantifies approximately 250 different psychological illnesses based on five dimensions or "multiaxial" system.

Prominent diagnostic categories include childhood disorders, mood disorders, thinking disorders, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders. (Children require specialized diagnostic skills.)

Because of the complexities and uniqueness of each patient, formal testing and assessment helps determine a 'best' course of treatment including therapy, medication, or other intervention.

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Psychoeducational testing evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of a child�s abilities, learning capacity, educational achievement and helps the child reach their full learning potential by helping to chart their best educational environment.

Assessment may be conducted for gifted and talented attributes where independent or advanced school placement is being considered. Conversely, the goal may be measurement of severity and differentiation between learning, communication, attentional, developmental, and emotional disorders that present similar poor academic achievement or socialization.

Neuropsychological testing can be especially critical to the discovery of organic causes or trauma that impact learning abilities in young children.

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Another area in growing demand is from individuals for 'therapeutic assessment,' in which the process of assessment becomes a therapeutic intervention in its own right.

Clients can now explore areas of their choosing and of particular meaning to their individual life and personal growth.

Clients pose questions about issues that they want to explore. These questions guide the psychologist's choice of assessment instruments and the feedback provided once results are in.

Personal assessment testing can be seen as a time-limited, self-enlightenment process that individuals can get a better understanding in areas of their lives that are of specific interest to them and provide the basis for a Life Coaching plan.

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Research on building enduring careers and great companies shows that appropriate depth and breadth in assessment can be critical to success.

Great leadership and organizational performance are now known to be heavily dependent upon factors such as emotional intelligence, building trust, and commitment to values.

Identifying and measuring these capacities are far beyond the reach of some popular but simple personality inventories.

The value of a comprehensive assessment is the actionable data that provides a real foundation suitable for designing successful Executive Coaching and Individual Career Development Plans.

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Testing & Assessment

Testing may be administered On-Site or at our Leesburg, VA testing office.

Legal Professionals

We welcome the opportunity to work with you in providing child custody evaluations.

Personal, Career, & Corporate Clients

Available assessment formats include individual, 360 multi-rater, group, manager, and coaching.

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